LT-1212 HT Linear Tile

Interlocking 1/2″ x 11.84″ x 11.84″ recycled PVC tiles with bristle carpet inserts. Brushes off sand, dirt and slush from shoes and cart wheels; open grid drains away water and debris. Modular 11.84″ x 11.84″ tiles allow flexibility and the ability to fit the product to any size area. Tiles snap together easily to install and replace. Beveled ramp edges are available for non-recessed applications.

This product is part of our sustainable development program where the tiles can be returned at the end of the lifecycle for a credit toward replacement product. The material is then cleaned, ground, treated for contaminants in an environmentally safe process, and re-formed into new matting. Check with our customer service department for details.


Furnish and install Musson Linear Tiles made of recycled PVC with bristle carpet inserts. Tiles shall be 1/2″ thick interlocking in standard color of Black Vinyl with Charcoal Carpet; custom colors available. Interlocking beveled edge pieces and beveled corners are available for surface applications.