There is a self-employed esn diet for medical residents
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I don’t think we have enough data on NO inhibition from LCHF ketogenic diets but the proof of concept of LCHF in metabolic syndrome and Type 2 diabetes is impressive.
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So if you grow up in a family without so many resources, then it is likely that the brain does not develop so well," he says.
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Pharmacists work with physicians and other health-care professionals to create, implement, and monitor drug treatment plans
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If Johnson’s new position did not require access to the data, it would violate HIPAA Rules if his access was not stopped when his position changed
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I continue to help others via internet, phone or carrier pigeon
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The government response in such cases was to amend the law or to pass new laws, but it did not attempt to remove or to intimidate judges
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Until it accomplishes that, it needs to be re-written.
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It isn’t peer pressure that is driving 18- to 29-year-olds to abuse and misuse prescription drugs, it’s the desire to have fun with friends
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While I never drink tea at home, after a long day of sightseeing in England, "a spot of tea" really does feel right
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In absolute terms, global spending on prescription medicines will increase by $205-$235Bn in the five years to 2017, reaching over $1 trillion
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How could they be so blind? So unaware.
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I am fit and healthy and aside from a little fatigue, I have no symptoms.
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my fasting blood sugar, with a good diet and no oral meds has been on the average, between 120 and 110
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During the year, the Company launched Sugar Free 'Stevia' inlimited zones.
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Brennan, M.D., M.P.H, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for CVS Caremark
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Bivalirudin had fewer adverse events, less major bleeding and reduced death from cardiac causes
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And the goal is to get fresh oxygenated blood into thepenile tissue which might help prevent atrophy of that tissue and mighthelp promote a fuller recovery of erections after nerve sparing.
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An economical air and water hose, Frontier is for a wide range of industrial, construction and agricultural applications. Available in 200, 250 and 300 psi working pressures.


Tube: EPDM synthetic rubber, RMA Class C (Limited Oil Resistance)

Cover: Black, Red, Yellow, Green or Blue EPDM synthetic rubber

Reinforcement: Spiral synthetic yarn, 2″ is braided


Temperature Range: -40°F to 190°F (-40°C to 88°C)


3/16″�3/4″ 500' reels, maximum 3 pieces, 50' increments.

1″ 450' reels, maximum 3 pieces, 50' increments.

1-1/4″ 400' reels, maximum 3 pieces, 50' increments.

1-1/2″ 300' reels, maximum 3 pieces, 50' increments.

2″ 200', cartons, maximum 3 pieces, 50' increments.

Coupled assemblies available in 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, and 3/4″ in red.

Branding: 1/2″ Frontier by Continental ContiTech XXX psi WP.

Coupling: Contact fitting manufacturer for proper fitting recommendation and coupling procedure.

Non-Stock/Sizes: Contact Customer Service for special production run minimum requirements.

Frontier 200 Order Codes: 536-035 (2″ black) / 536-040 (2″ red) / 569-009 (black) / 569-011 (red) / 569-038 (yellow) / 569-547 (blue)


ID Nom. OD Max. WP Weight
in. mm in. mm psi MPa lbs./ft. kg/m
3/16 4.8 0.44 11.2 200 1.38 0.08 0.12
1/4 6.4 0.5 12.7 200 1.38 0.09 0.13
5/16 7.9 0.58 14.7 200 1.38 0.12 0.18
3/8 9.5 0.67 17 200 1.38 0.15 0.22
1/2 12.7 0.81 20.6 200 1.38 0.2 0.3
5/8 15.9 0.97 24.6 200 1.38 0.27 0.4
3/4 19.1 1.12 28.5 200 1.38 0.34 0.51
1 25.4 1.44 36.8 200 1.38 0.54 0.8
1-1/4 31.8 1.73 44 200 1.38 0.75 1.12
1-1/2 38.1 1.98 50.3 200 1.38 0.86 1.28
2 50.8 2.5 63.5 200 1.38 1.16 1.73

Frontier 250 Order Codes: 569-010 (black) / 569-012 (red) / 569-039 (yellow) / 569-506 (green) / 569-548 (blue)


ID Nom. OD Max. WP Weight
in. mm in. mm psi MPa lbs./ft. kg/m
1/4 6.4 0.53 13.5 250 1.72 0.11 0.16
5/16 7.9 0.59 15 250 1.72 0.13 0.19
3/8 9.5 0.7 17.8 250 1.72 0.17 0.25
1/2 12.7 0.84 21.3 250 1.72 0.22 0.33
5/8 15.9 0.98 24.9 250 1.72 0.27 0.4
3/4 19.1 1.14 29 250 1.72 0.35 0.52

Frontier 300 Order Codes: 569-516 (yellow) / 569-557 (red) / 569-560 (green)


ID Nom. OD Max. WP Weight
in. mm in. mm psi MPa lbs./ft. kg/m
1/4 6.4 0.53 13.5 300 2.07 0.1 0.15
3/8 9.5 0.7 17.8 300 2.07 0.17 0.25
1/2 12.7 0.84 21.3 300 2.07 0.22 0.33
3/4 19.1 1.15 29.2 300 2.07 0.37 0.55
1 25.4 1.48 37.3 300 2.07 0.58 0.86