Standard, Fluff Cord, Impact Protection, and Aluminum Tread Warranties

Standard Warranty

Warranty… The R.C. Musson Rubber Co. warrants all first quality rubber stair treads and raised pattern landing tiles against excessive wear for a period of 5 years; sheet rubber and smooth tile for a period of 10 years. All other first quality products sold by the The R.C. Musson Rubber Co. are warranted against manufacturing and material defects provided Seller’s recommended installation and maintenance instructions are followed and Seller’s recommended adhesives are used. Seller does not warrant matching of shade nor pattern of mottling. Merchandise will conform to contract description and merchandise delivered will be of average quality within description; and if purchased by sample, merchandise shall conform to such sample with only such reasonable variation as is, in the opinion of the Seller, acceptable in the trade. Any such defective material will be repaired or replaced free of cost if a claim of such defect is brought to Seller’s attention in writing and if Seller’s examination shows that the product has failed under terms of this Warranty. Seller shall not be responsible for installation costs involved in repair or replacement nor any incidental or consequential damages arising out of the existence of such defects. Seller shall not be responsible for any Liability for damages resulting from handling, use, or further processing of said merchandise whether alone or in combination with other materials. The maximum period of responsibility under this Warranty is (1) year from date of shipment.

This Warranty Does Not Include: Dissatisfaction due to installation, improper maintenance, improper underlayments, and irregularities caused by underlayments including, but not limited to moisture, alkali, or hydrostatic pressure in sub-floor. Damage due to accidents or abuse including, but not limited to gouges, scuffs, scratches, indentations and discoloration caused by heat, sunlight or ultraviolet light. Damage caused by improper storage or handling prior to installation. Damage caused by high heel or spike heel traffic. Damage caused by foreign material placed, spilled or tracked on product. Other than stated herein, Seller makes no warranties with respect to its products, their merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. No representative has authority to make representation, promise or agreement except for stated above.

Fluff Cord Warranty

The R.C. Musson Rubber company warrants Fluff Cord Tile will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase, subject to the conditions and limitations of this Limited Warranty. The Limited Warranty applies only to Fluff Cord Tile that has been installed and maintained in accordance with R.C. Musson’s specifications, and it is valid only under normal wear and traffic conditions in the use for which it was designed, and for which it was sold.

Buyer’s sole and exclusive remedy for breach of this Limited Warranty shall be a pro-rated credit, based upon the period remaining in this Limited Warranty, toward the purchase of new Fluff Cord Tile. Replacement credit shall be equal to the proportion of Limited Warranty time remaining, multiplied by the current price of Fluff Cord Tile. Buyer waives all other claims, whether statutory, based on common law or at equity, and including, but not limited to direct, indirect, special incidental and consequential damages.

This Limited Warranty is in lieu of all other warranted, express or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. This Limited Warranty does not cover Fluff Cord Tile damage by vandalism, vehicular traffic, cuts, tears, fire, willful destruction, negligent maintenance, accident, act of God, or improper installation. In order to use this Limited Warranty, Buyer must present proof of time of purchase to The R.C. Musson Rubber Company. This Limited Warranty is valid if Fluff Cord Tile is installed pursuant to the installation instructions provided by The R.C. Musson Rubber Company’s TT-390 Tile Adhesive. By retaining Fluff Cord Tile for more than 5 days after receipt of the product, Buyer agrees that it accepts the terms of this Limited Warranty.

The Limited Warranty constitutes a final written expression of the terms of the warranty, and is a complete and exclusive statement of those terms. Any and all representatives, promises, warranties or statements by seller’s agent differ in any way from the terms of this written Limited Warranty shall be given no force or effect.

Impact Protection Warranty

The R. C. Musson Rubber Company warrants all standard Impact Protection catalog products against defects in materials and workmanship when installed in conformance with The R. C. Musson Rubber Company installation instructions. Liability under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of materials only and does not include any responsibility for incidental or consequential damage of any nature.

Grit Surface Aluminum Stair Tread Warranty

Musson Grit Surface Aluminum Stair Treads and Safety Plates come with a (1) one year warranty from the date of shipment, to be free of material defects and workmanship. Musson also provides a (5) five year limited wear warranty provided the products are installed, maintained and used with in accordance with our written instructions. The R.C. Musson Rubber Company will furnish an equivalent amount of material, at no cost upon proof of purchase. This guarantee does not include labor or cost of labor for the application.