Grit-Surface Aluminum Nosing GSA2N

The GSA2N is a 2-1/2″ deep nosing is made from the same material as our Grit-Surface Aluminum Treads. The front edge is 1-3/4″ deep (inside nose dimension is 1-1/4″). The nose has a 1-3/4″ wide abrasive finish with a 3/4″ tapered aluminum back edge. Both the nose and tapered edge have a 1/4″ wide reflective yellow safety tape strip for additional safety. The nosing is available in abrasive colors of Black, Brown, Blue, Gray, Green, Red or Yellow. Nosing is available solid (for glue-down applications) or with countersunk holes (for screw-down applications) every 12″.


Furnish and install Musson GSA2N Grit-Surface Aluminum Nosings, 3/16″ thick X 2-1/2″ deep; cut lengths up to 10 foot long. Tread surface shall have aluminum oxide abrasives permanently bonded to a heat treated aluminum nosing with 1/4″ wide reflective yellow safety strip on both the top surface (between the grit surface and aluminum) and the nose. Grit surface shall be in one of the following standard colors: Black, Brown, Blue, Gray, Green, Red or Yellow. Nosings can be supplied with two countersunk holes every 12″ for screw down installation or without holes for installation with our #400 Neoprene Contact Cement.