Aluminum Stair Treads

Diamond hard aluminum oxide abrasives combined with “space-age” polymeric binders are bonded to a heat treated high strength aluminum square nose stair tread. Treads are available 7-1/2″, 9″ or 11″ deep; in one or two contrasting colors per tread. Flat pieces, 3-1/2″ or 5-1/2″ deep, can be used for ramps and other non-step applications or as a filler behind the 7-1/2″ treads. Select one color for front insert and the same or a different color for back insert from seven standard abrasive colors of black, brown, blue, gray, green, red or yellow. Maximum length is 10 foot.

Install outdoors or indoors on concrete, wood, treated lumber, slate or marble steps. Use for motels, schools, hotels, apartments, condos, hospitals, churches, cruise ships, amusement parks, etc. Offers anti-slip safety surface – protects new steps – renovate slippery, worn steps.


Furnish and install Musson Grit-Surface aluminum stair treads 3/16″ thick, 7-1/2″ (GSA75), 9″ (GSA9) or 11″ (GSA11) deep; cut lengths up to 10 foot long. Tread surface shall have aluminum oxide abrasives permanently bonded to a heat treated aluminum nose stair tread. The front grit-surface of the tread shall be in _______ color; the back surface shall be in _______ color; colors to be separated by an aluminum rib. Select colors from standard grit colors of black, brown, blue, gray, green, red or yellow. Treads can be supplied with two countersunk holes every 12″ for screw down installation, or without holes for installation with our #400 Neoprene Contact Cement.