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Impact Protection - Flat Wall Guards

Flat Wall Guards

Well suited to high-traffic areas, flat profile wall guards offer maximum
protection against wheelchair, cart and furniture impacts.

Gently curved upper edge helps prevent injury from accidental falls, discourages use as a footrest and eliminates litter and dust buildup. Available with smooth face (WG) or with parallel shallow grooves for a clean, contemporary architectural line (WGG). Available with or without rubber spacers for reveal or flush mounting


3" strip generally used at wainscot level or at top of cove base height.


WG-6 Clip On Mounting System

6" strip approximates width of handrail styles BR-500 for coordination of color line throughout facility.



WG-6 Clip On Mounting System

Covers 7-3/4" of wall space for maximum protection. Continuous aluminum retainer.

Wall Covering Color Selection

All colors must be selected from actual samples.

Due to the limitations of the printing process, the colors shown will vary slightly. When selecting, request color samples.

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