TS-331 Track Strip Carpet & Vinyl Mats

Track Strip’s unique design solves the problem of tracked in dirt and water. Designed with alternating rows of corrugated vinyl and dense cut-pile carpet, the corrugated vinyl rows scrape off dirt and debris and the carpeted rows help collect water and help dry bottom of shoes.

Ideal for universities, supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants, condominiums, shopping malls, strip centers, banks, retail stores, hotels, apartments, churches, office buildings, schools, theaters, airports; any commercial, industrial or institutional building.

Molded of heavy duty vinyl with long wearing nylon cut-pile carpet strips permanently bonded between the corrugated vinyl rows. The vinyl cross-ribs on the underside allow air circulation and provide for drainage of water. This engineered design makes for softer, quieter, more comfortable pedestrian traffic. For better drainage, if excess water will be tracked onto the surface, mats are available with slot perforations through the corrugated vinyl rows, perpendicular to the carpet strip rows.

Track Strip entrance mats are factory assembled from 12″ x 12″ modules to produce custom sizes for use in recessed areas or surface applications. Use between double doors, inside entrance doors, to cover foyers, in hallways, on ramps, in elevators; ideal for any heavy traffic area. Use 7/16″ thick Track Strip mats in 3/8″ or 1/2″ deep recesses; or black beveled nosing can be attached to any edge for surface use.


Furnish and install Musson No. TS-331 Track Strip mats molded of heavy duty black vinyl with cut-pile carpet strips permanently bonded between rows of vinyl corrugated surface. Furnish solid, (or with 5/32″ X 1″ slot perforations through the corrugated vinyl perpendicular to carpet strip rows). Mats shall be of prime quality; 7/16″ thick; free of surface defects; custom made to size and shape indicated on drawings; square edges for recess use, (or beveled nosing attached for surface use); any size up to 8 ft. wide x 12 ft. Iong. Make large areas in sections (48 square feet or less) for ease in handling.

Select from standard carpet strip colors of Burgundy, Brown, Blue, Gray or Black.