Square Block Design Tile No. 550SL

Square block design rubber floor tile, continuous field design, factory cut 24” x 24” tile; easily and quickly installed.

A safe, long-wearing, easily cleaned rubber floor tile for stair landings, lobbies, aisles, ramps elevators, concession stands, entryways, around box offices or vending machines. Raised design helps prevent slipping; water or dirt drops between blocks. (Install with marbleization in one direction.) Install with Musson No. 775 Epoxy Adhesive or No. 560 Rubber Flooring Adhesive.


Furnish and install No. 550-SL Square Block Design Tile from Musson Rubber, Akron, Ohio 7/32” thick, 24” x 24” factory cut tile. Tile shall have a continuous field pattern of 3/4” square blocks; a sanded back; contain no asbestos fiber; molded of top quality homogeneous rubber compound, color extending throughout thickness; free from objectionable odors, blisters, cracks or imperfections which might impair serviceability. Select standard color from Color Series I or II