Smooth Sheet Rubber Flooring 500-L

Resilience, dimensional stability and endurance are natural characteristics of rubber flooring. Maintenance is minimal. Underfoot comfort is excellent. Most important, it retains its beauty and luster for years and years under the most grueling use. It’s the ideal choice for schools, hospitals, extended care and multi-purpose areas including corridors, gymnasiums, auditoriums, classrooms, patient rooms, theaters, cafeterias and other meeting rooms.

In addition to the marbleized colors shown, many non-standard colors are available in minimum quantities; we can also do custom marbleized colors. Contact our customer service department for additional information. Smooth and raised pattern stair treads (with matching cove risers and stringer) are available in a variety of patterns in most of our standard marbleized colors. Install with Musson #560 adhesive or #775 Epoxy.

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Furnish and install Musson #500-L Smooth Sheet Rubber Flooring, 1/8″ or 3/32″ or 3/16″ thick;
39″ wide roll goods with sanded back. First quality, fully homogenous to comply with Fed. Spec. SS-T-312B. Rolls contain 75 linear feet. Select from over 60 colors, including marbleized, solid, granite, and terrazzo. All colors available in smooth or hammered finish.