SMF-17 Aluminum Beveled Surface Frame

Beveled surface frames for on surface use. Use single length as approach edging. For complete recess frame (4 sides); list inside finished size where mat is placed. Frame will be 4-1/2″ larger to outside edges. Furnished with square ends or 90° miter only.
Maximum length 16’3″.

For mat thicknesses from 3/8″ to 1/2″. Beveled edge has 3/4″ wide Black or Yellow Grit-Strip applied to prevent slipping; or can be provided without grit strip.

SMF-17 diagram


Furnish and install Musson Aluminum Beveled Surface Frame of extruded aluminum 6063-T-5 in size indicated on drawings. Frame shall be prefabricated at factory to ensure fit of entrance mat and furnished complete with plastic anchors and flathead screws. Install using manufacturers recommendations to receive the Musson entrance material specified. Frame shall have Black (or Yellow) Grit Strip applied to the beveled edge.