Rubber Sport Floor – Roll Goods & Interlocking Tile

A durable, spike-resistant floor made of recycled rubber combined with color
flecs of new rubber to create an environmentally friendly, slip resistant sport surface.


Rubber Sport Floor is available in 48″ wide roll goods or 36″ x 36″ interlocking tiles in 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ thicknesses. Rubber Sport Floor is made with a black background in 10% or 20% fleck of Red, Gray, Green, Blue, Eggshell or Tan; Plain Black is also available.

Excellent for use in weight rooms, ice rinks, aerobic studios, childrens play areas, grocery store produce areas, walking tracks, schools and community centers. Also available in 1/2″ thickness and in roll goods. Glue-down applications should be installed with a One-Part Urethane Adhesive.

Stock No. Thick Size Weight
RSFR14 1/4″ 48″ x 365′ max. 1.6 lb./sq.ft.
RSFR38 3/8″ 48″ x 225′ max. 2.6 lb./sq.ft.
RSFR12 1/2″ 48″ x 165′ max. 3.2 lb./sq.ft.
RSFT-14 1/4″ *36″ x 36″ 13 lb. ea.
RSFT-38 3/8″ *36″ x 36″ 21 lb. ea.
RSFT-12 1/2″ *36″ x 36″ 26 lb. ea.
*Interlocking tiles cover 8 sq. ft. per tile.