RF-14 Aluminum Recess Mat Frame

Insures a perfect fit of entrance mats in recess. Heavy gauge 6063 T-5 extruded aluminum, precut at factory, ready to assemble on job. Eliminate field measurements and construction delays; order mats in advance for last minute “dropping in place”.

Frames can be furnished with square ends for open-end recess or for mitering on job. Maximum length is 17'; straight connecting pins supplied for frames over 17'. If frame is factory mitered, all sides must be same position. If all sides are not the same position, miter on jobsite; cannot use corner pins; spot-weld corners.

Frame size ordered will be the finished size of the inside measurement of the frame where the mat fits.

Use Frames with either 3/8″ or 1/2″ thick Perforated Rubber mats; 7/16″ thick Link mats; Track Strip mats; Linear Tile; Hi Traffic; Cobblestone Matting; Cobblestone Plus Matting; Diagonal Rib Tile; Premier Tiles; Berber Tiles; Berber Tile Plus; Spartan Tiles; Dirt Catcher Tile; Vinyl Back Cocoa mats; Design Color Cocoa Mats; Fluff-Cord Strip Tile or Designer Tile II.



No. RF-14
Furnish and install Musson Aluminum Recess Mat Frames of extruded aluminum 6063 T-5 in sizes indicated on drawings. Frame shall be pre-cut at factory, and supplied with aluminum corner pins and steel anchor keys. Install per manufacturer’s recommendations to receive specified Musson Mat and to accommodate specified flooring material outside frame. Screed a cement base into interior frame area 7/16″ below the floor level, using edge of frame as a guide. Install Frame Position “A”, “B”, “C”, or “H” as applicable.



Position “H” only. Medium Bronze color electrostatically applied in two steps to Position “H” Frame shown above. All other specifications remain the same.