LL-10 Pyramid Top Pebble Base Rubber Entrance Mat

Mats custom-made to conform to any area. Pyramid Top cross-corrugated design helps prevent slipping; wipes shoes regardless of traffic direction. Pebble Base raises mat off floor; allows drainage of water, circulation of air.

  • Select from five standard colors
  • All rubber construction; no wire to break or bend
  • No separate attached nosings to bend
  • Square or beveled edges are integral part of mat
  • Easy to handle; rolls up either direction for cleaning
  • Custom-made to fit areas of every shape
  • 12 hole per square foot perforation pattern

Available 3/8″ or 1/2″ thick, square edges for recess use or beveled edges for surface use. Use either thickness in Musson Aluminum Recess Mat Frame. All mats are custom made to exact size required up to 4′ x 16′ 6″. Square footage is computed in 6″ increments for both width and length. Mats can be cut to size in both directions. You may trim solid outside borders on the job for exact fit. Mats in multiple sections can only be produced in black.


Standard Slot Perforation   Standard Slot Perforation

1/4″ Round Perforation   1/4 Inch Round Perforation

Cloverleaf Perforation   Cloverleaf Perforation

The 3/16″ x 3/4″ slot perforation is furnished unless otherwise specified. The 1/4″ round or the 5/16″ cloverleaf perforation is available. Solid borders for panelled effect are placed across width and/or length if requested. Mats can be furnished solid, no perforations


Furnish and install Musson Pyramid Top, Pebble Base Perforated Rubber Entrance Mats of prime quality rubber compound, free of calendering and curing defects, resistant to weather, aging and ozone in normal concentrations. Mats shall have standard slot (or 1/4″ round, or 5/16″ cloverleaf) perforations.

Mats shall be 3/8″ (or 1/2″) thick; custom-made to fit area indicated on drawing. Mats shall have square edges for recess use (or beveled edges for surface use). Large areas made in sections for ease in handling*. Select from plain colors of Black, Brown, Red, Gray or Sand.

*Mats in multiple sections can only be produced in black.

Select from standard solid colors