Glo-Strip® Treads

Insert Glo-Strip photoluminescent 2” Grit Strip into any rubber tread to light up steps during power outages. The recessed 2” white strip made with non-toxic, inert, zinc-sulfide crystals absorb and store light, then release this light energy in the darkness over a period of time. Recharge by exposing to light for a few minutes.

A tough mineral-coated waterproof non-slip surfacing with a pressure sensitive adhesive back. Helps grip foot traffic, preventing slipping, easy to apply; use inside or outside. Rectangular sizes with rounded corners or in rolls cut to any length. We suggest priming surfaces with Musson Grit Strip Adhesive before applying. Ideal for entranceways, ramps and walkways, stairways, heavy traffic areas, work areas, loading docks, recreational vehicles, boats & docks, cafeterias, kitchens, coolers, around drinking fountains and ice machines.

Musson Glo-Strips can be inserted into any of our visually-impaired rubber stair treads.